Monday, August 3, 2020

Free Cricut Chicken Coop Printables

One of the things I've been trying to keep in mind while I've been trapped in the house with my children during the pandemic season is this is time I'm going to wish for later. Not the anxiety and sickness part of it, or the confusion caused by the media bombardment, but the time I've had at home with the family. 
One of the things I keep asking myself is, when I look back on this time a year from now, what are the things that I will have wish I would have done?

On that list was get chickens. So that's what we did. Except... did you know there was a national chicken shortage in the spring? So we had to wait. But that gave me plenty of time to learn and study and plan for our backyard chickens. 

One of the things that I've seen over my travels online, are the coop signs that folks put in their yard or on their coops. I looked to see if there were any freebies on Cricut design space, but there weren't. So I made a few and thought I'd share. 

This would be great on a brightly colored piece of painted wood. 

This would be super cute on a piece of weathered wood or a a board with a chippy white painted finish. Download the Tiny Raptors Cricut Pattern here (SVG File)

Download the Fluffy Butt Free Cricut Pattern here (SVG File)

No, this one isn't for the Cricut. I made this one because the dog can only be around the girls if she's supervised because chickens are very exciting. So I made this, printed and put it in a page protector. It now dangles from a suction cup on the backdoor. Classy.

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