Thursday, May 23, 2019

Guinea Pig Cozy

I wish I would have taken more pictures when I made these so I could show you how easy they are to make. You could sew them with a machine or stitch them with a large needle. Either way, your pigs will love this cozy.

Your bag should be big enough so that the pig can get in and turn around. I’m sure there are many ways to create one of these and none of them are wrong. This is my way, it’s quick easy and probably not perfect!

Take two long strips of fleece and lay them one on top of the other. I used two coordinating fabrics, but you can use an old fleece sweatshirt or whatever you like.

My strips were: 12” x 24”

Do this.

Then do this.

And now you have this! Happy Pigs!

1 comment:

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