Friday, November 1, 2019

Christmas Stockings from Kids PJs


My Grandmother was a seamstress. I. Am not. I try. I know how to use my sewing machine, but I’m not patient. My point in telling you all of this is that if I can do this. You can do this. Don’t over think it.

I saved my kids Christmas PJs. I don’t know why. Mostly because I couldn’t bear to give them away. Then one day I was looking through the Christmas edition of one of my favorite catalogs and admiring the hand quilted stockings. I couldn’t bear to pay that much money for something I could make myself when I had an epiphany. What if I made stockings for the family, using that bag of PJs from Christmas.

So that’s what I did! Basically, I quilted together enough pieces to use like I would a solid piece of fabric and then made a stocking from it. I even made a little pocket on the front of each one.

It’s more the idea that I want to share here than the how to. I don’t know if I could explain how to do it without pictures, but you can find a tutorial online and go from there. Once I started cutting, I realized that I had enough fabric saved to make a small Christmas Tree skirt. Good luck! You can do it!

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